Rolls Royce makes some of the most beautiful cars in the world. Unfortunately they aren’t without their problems, like most luxury cars and supercars. The majority of common problems are overcome by routine service and maintenance and a lot of the parts are available through the BMW network. With BMW as the parent company of Rolls Royce, this vastly reduces the cost of repairs.
Fortunately we have cost-effective solutions for the most common issues that we are required to fix. Whatever problems you need us to overcome on your Rolls Royce you can call our team to discuss and we’ll be happy to help. Listed below are some of the most common issues:

• Pressure Control Valves
• Spark Issues
• Engine Oil Level Monitoring
• Water Ingress / Leaks
• Suspension Issues
• Spirit Of Ecstasy Motor
• Rear Door Opening Motor
• Engine Mounts

Project Three is the North West’s leading independent Rolls Royce specialists. We have a high reputation from our team of industry leading technicians who have sound knowledge of all models. So you can be sure in the knowledge that your luxury car is in safe hands. Regular servicing is vital for health and upkeep of your Rolls Royce - we can offer a dealership based service but at a fraction of the cost.

All parts used are genuine and we will stamp your service book to ensure your service history is up-to-date but your car keeps its all important residual value when it's time to sell or exchange the vehicle.


Christie is our dedicated Rolls Royce specialist. Christie has an extensive knowledge of Rolls Royce and a passion for the brand making him best placed to work on your vehicle.


• Major Servicing
• Minor Servicing
• Oil & Filter Changed
• Diagnostics & Fault Finding
• Transmission / Gearbox Oil Change
• Brakes
• Suspension
• Exhausts
• Clutch Replacement
• Batteries
• Vehicle Inspections
• Cambelt / Timing Belts
• Timing Chains
• Remaps, Tuning Boxes & Chip Tuning
• Scored Cylinders
• Cracked Cylinders
• Intermediate Shaft Baring Failure
• Crack Bearing Failure
• Snapped Timing Chain
• Replacement Cylinder Liners
• Wheel Tracking & Laser Alignment

• Tyres
• Alloy Wheel Refurbishment
• Window Tinting
• Vehicle Wrapping
• Paint Protection Film
• Stolen Vehicle Tracking Systems
• Anti Theft & Anti Hijacking Systems
• DPF Repair & Replacement
• Body Work & Body Repair
• Performance Parts Shop
• Coolant & Anti Freeze Service
• Air Conditioning Service
• Ad-Blue Servicing
• MOT Testing
• Body Styling &Body Kits
• Carbon Fibre Performance Parts
• Windscreen & Glass Replacement
• Key Replacement & Coding
• Custom Exhausts
• In Car Entertainment Systems
• Accident Repair

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