At Project Three we use only genuine Porsche parts when servicing your Porsche to ensure your car is maintained using the highest quality parts. We use Porche’s very own servicing protocols.. but at a fraction of the cost.

Our team of dedicated mechanical engineers are highly skilled and knowledgeable and have worked on Porsches for years meaning your car receives the dedication and expertise it deserves. We operate from a state of the art facility and have the latest manufacturer systems, computers, diagnostics and specialist tools to allow us to quick and efficiently diagnose and repair any issue your Porsche may have.

Customers often tell us they are nervous to go to a main dealer due to the potentially crippling bills but this is one thing you don’t have to worry about at Project Three.  We never undertake any work without the customers express permission and we provide itemised billing as well as using facetime and skype to show customers the exact work we are completing. It doesn’t matter whether your car needs a basic oil change or a full rebuild we are fully equipped to take on the work your car may need.

The M96/M97 Engine failures are well known in the Porsche community. If you own a Porsche 986, 996, 987 or 997, you will probably be aware of the possible issues with the RMS or IMS. With the 986 and 996 (non - Turbo) models, the most common oil leak is the RMS (Rear Main Seal). This seal has been modified by Porsche themselves several times over the years and it’s imperative that if it requires replacing then it's fitted with the latest RMS tool. If not, then there is a very high likelihood it will leak again.

If it’s not the Rear Main Seal that is leaking, then it’s possible it will be the IMS seal. This should not be confused with the IMS bearing. The unfortunate thing about having to replace these seals, is the labour involved. The transmission housing needs to be removed to determine which seal is leaking (and also to replace it). The IMS seal takes slightly longer as the timing needs to be locked too however both jobs are possible to complete in a day.

If the IMS bearing itself is showing any signs that give cause for concern, then the choice is to replace the bearing with the original Porsche bearing or an aftermarket solution. You cannot fit the later Porsche bearing unless the engine is being rebuilt. Therefore if you replace with a new Porsche bearing, then in theory the problem can reoccur, although we would recommend removing the outer cover to add lubrication.

The logical time to inspect the bearing and any subsequent course of action is when your clutch is being replaced in conjunction with a leaking Rear Main Seal (RMS) or leaking Intermediate Main Seal (IMS). It significantly reduces the cost since the gearbox has been removed already. For those with tiptronic transmission, please contact us as depending on model, the engine may need to be removed to complete this work.


Jamie is our dedicated Porsche specialist. Jamie has an extensive knowledge of Porsches and a keen passion for the brand. This makes him the best member of our team to work on your vehicle. He's owned and driven a few classic Porsches in his time including a 968 Sport and most recently a Cayman S. He lives, breathes and drives the brand so rest assured he's going to look after you car as if it was his own!


• Major Service
• Minor Service
• Oil & Filter Change
• Diagnostics & Fault Finding
• Transmission / Gearbox Oil Change
• Brakes
• Suspension
• Exhausts
• Clutch Replacement (with IMS upgrade if required)
• Batteries
• Vehicle Inspections
• Timing Chains
• Remaps, Tuning Boxes & Chip Tuning
• Scored Cylinders
• Cracked Cylinders
• Intermediate Shaft Bearing Replacement
• RMS Replacement (Manual and Tiptronic)
• Water Pump Replacement
• Wheel Tracking & Laser Alignment

• Tyres
• Alloy Wheel Refurbishment
• Window Tinting
• Vehicle Wrapping
• Paint Protection Film
• Vehicle Tracking Systems
• Anti Theft & Anti Hijacking Systems
• Body Work & Repair
• Performance Parts
• Coolant & Anti Freeze Service
• Air Conditioning Service
• Ad-Blue Servicing
• MOT Testing
• Body Styling &Body Kits
• Carbon Fibre Performance Parts
• Windscreen & Glass Replacement
• Key Replacement & Coding
• Custom Exhausts
• In Car Entertainment Systems
• Accident Repair

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